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Full HD Infrared Photographic Trap


Do you want to regularly inspect your hunting grounds or the surroundings of your home? Bet on this infrared camera trap capable of giving images up to 16MP and videos with 720P sound. Its motion detector goes off very quickly in just 0.6 seconds. It identifies activities over a distance of 25 meters and a viewing angle of 108 °.

The infrared system allows him to film all night long. It has a viewing distance of up to 20 meters. To have sharp images, infrared is equipped with 46 invisible LEDs.

Its 2.4 inch screen and lens benefit from optimal protection thanks to the waterproof case. The camera's operating temperature is between -20 and 60 ° C.

Having no internal memory, this camera offers a slot for a micro SD card up to 32 GB. This will serve as storage space for data.

The Infrared Photographic Trap,with its high image quality of 16 million pixels, is the indispensable device to have for any hunting enthusiast or nature watcher. Whether you prefer day or night observations, this camera will allow you to capture beautiful and highly detailed images and videos at any time.

This tool is fully airtight, resistant to any infiltration of liquid and gas that may occur in the wild. With its high quality of manufacture, its case and its mount are very solid and its clasp protects theLCD screen and the programming keys of the hunting camera very well.

This device is not only a durable box, it has in its heart, a high-performance camera. In addition to offering exceptional full HD image/video quality, it's a mini camerawith   a 108-degree angle of capture. With a resolution of 4000x3000 pixels, this hunting camera offers very clear images. For videos, the sensor takes up to 30 frames per second, which gives a very sharp and fluidrendering. It also has a microphone that will allow you to pick up the sound. It should be noted that all files are stored in AVI or JPEG format and that this device is multitasking. It will allow you to record a video and at the same time take pictures. This accessory features a well-designed motion sensor that detects movement from a distance of 25 metres and triggers at a speed of 0.6 seconds.

The infrared hunting camera obviously has a very powerful infrared that will allow you to observe nature in the middle of the night for 20 meters. This device has an SD card slot and is expandable up to 32GB to record your photos and videos. You could also view them on the 2.4-inch LCD screen but also connect the hunting camera to your computer through the USB port, or a TV through the RCA Enter. Its eight AA batteries give this device a one-month non-stop battery life.

Data sheet
Memory In Giga byte
SD cards up to 32 GB
Video resolution
1280 * 720
Frame per second
Video format
Pixel Numbers
Angle Of View
108 degrees
Yes integrated
Image format
Possible operating temperature
From -20 to 60 degrees
Photo resolution
4000 * 3000
Tripping time
0.6 sec.
Screen size
2.4 "
Night vision distance
Detection distance

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