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Watch full HD spy camera


The 1080p camera watch stands out for its modern and elegant appearance. This one has a quality finish that is far from doubting the real function of the device. This spy equipment features a dial and bracelet in silver colors. The numbering of this needle camera watch rests on a black background. The numbers and strokes of minutes take up the silver color of the dial and bracelet. However, there is a touch of red on the trotter and the numbers from 0 to 3. Objects that carry a miniature camera are usually fake. For example, you can't write with a spy pen. This is not the case with the watch with camera, because it has a real clock.

The 1080p camera watch can be used to provide evidence. Note that the device is equipped with a built-in microphone. This allows people to be filmed and recorded. The Full HD spy watch can also be used as a video surveillance device. Remember that this spying material is a wireless model. It uses a rechargeable high-capacity lithium polymer battery as a power supply. The battery has a battery life of several hours. To use the watch with camera as a CCTV camera, simply place it on a piece of furniture and adjust the lens.

The spy camera watch is capable of filming in Full HD. The proposed video resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. Camera mode can produce shots in very high definition. Videos and photos are recorded in AVI and JPG respectively. Note that the smartphone, tablet and computer do not require a specific program or application to read these extensions.

The use of the camera watch requires a USB cable. The accessory is used for data transfer and recharging. However, this is included in the product box. Windows and macOS operating systems can detect the watch with a camera, once the USB connection has been established. Note that you have to count from the ME version for Windows and the 10.4 version for macOS. Linux computers are also compatible.

Data sheet
Video resolution
Video format
Supported Operating System
Windows me - 2000 - xp / 2003 - vista - Mac os 10.4 - Linux
lithium polymer
Image format
Interface type
Mini usb
Internal memory

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