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Watch spy camera Full HD 1080P


The watch with mini camera Full HD 1080P meets the two most important criteria of a spy camera: filming without being spotted and having actionable and good quality images. Unlike other watches in the range of spy camera watches, this model is not fake because it has the ability to display the exact time. So you wouldn't have to worry about raising any suspicions. Moreover, this model has the same characteristics as a normal watch in terms of weight and size.

The gadget carries a mini camera which will allow you to have full HD 1080P shots, as the name suggests. In addition, the videos will have a resolution of 1920 - 1080 pixels. This way, you'll have very high-quality images at your disposal, which will give you the ability to easily distinguish all the items displayed. With a recording speed of thirty frames per second, you'd have fluid recordings without any jerky image. As for the photos, they have a resolution of 4032 - 3024 pixels, which will guarantee you sharp shots and very good qualities. Having a built-in microphone, you could also have voice recordings without any difficulty.

For storage space, this spy camera watch features an internal memory of 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB. Although it's not expandable, you'll still be able to move your files to your PC with a USB cable, whether it's on Windows or mac OS. All registered files will be in JPEG format for photos and AVI for videos. These formats can be read on any standard reader. Basically, you didn't have to do any additional facilities.

Put by this, this spy watch impresses for its resistance. Indeed, it is a perfectly waterproof spy accessory that can work even in rainy weather.

Data sheet
Video resolution
Frame per second
Yes / 3ATM
Yes integrated
Photo resolution
Webcam function
Internal memory
8-16-32 GB

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