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Watch spy camera HD 1080P


The Full HD 1080P spy camera watch was specially designed to make discreet recordings, but it would have served no purpose if the quality of the images were poor. This spy camera watch is the right equipment to film without being spotted while having good quality images.

This spy camera watch has indeed, a very high quality image resolution. This spy accessory, was created in every detail to make it look like it's a real watch. Note that the mini camera built into this gadget has the ability to provide full HD images. Other than that, the videos have a high-quality resolution of 1920-1080 pixels. Thus, it is almost impossible to have jerky images when you view them. Moreover, you would have a very fluid animation, thanks to its speed of recording thirty frames per second. You could also have video recordings with sound thanks to the microphone that is built into it. But, this spy camera watch is not content with video recordings. It offers photos with a resolution of 4032-3014 pixels.

In most cases, these miniature spy cameras do not have an internal memory. However, they have a micro SD card port. The Full HD 1080P spy camera watch does not work like its likes because it has an internal memory, and the storage capacity depends on one model to another. There are models with an internal memory of 8GB, others of 16GB, and some of 32GB. Aside from that, you have a USB cable at your disposal that allows you to move your data to your computer. Small precision, this spy camera watch is compatible on both Windows and mac OS.

The Full HD 1080 P spy camera watch is also a safe investment, especially thanks to its great resistance capability. It is for example waterproof which allows it to film even in the rain.

Data sheet
Video resolution
Frame per second
Yes / 3ATM
Yes integrated
Photo resolution
Webcam function
Internal memory
8-16-32 GB

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