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HD infrared spy camera watch


This HD night vision camera watch is undoubtedly the spy accessory that will make every James bond apprentice dream. Indeed, this watch is not a watch like any other, it is equipped with a mini camera and a microphone, which will allow you to fulfill the functions of a spy worthy of the name. Equipped with a Full HD camera, this camera watch has an image resolution of 1920-1080 pixels, allowing it to make HD video recordings with an AVI format.

In addition, this HD camera watch is also equipped with a webcam function. As for its recording speed, it is 30 frames per second. Speaking of images, the HD night vision camera watch can also be used as a camera, especially for hard-to-reach areas. You'll get a good-quality image with a resolution of 4032-3024 pixels, and thanks to its night vision you'll get very sharp images even in the dark.

The device also has a microphone that can record very high-quality sound. In this way, he will be able to record every detail. As for its storage capacity, this camera watch has an optional internal memory that can vary from 8GB to 32GB, depending on your needs and your own choices. Then you can always transfer your data to your computer via a USB cable, and this will not require any specific software. Note that the model fits perfectly with Windows and Mac OS X systems.

For more performance, it was designed specifically to withstand moisture. So said, this product is quite waterproof and remains functional even during bad weather. Other than that, you can recharge your camera watch using the USB cable that came with it.

Data sheet
Video resolution
Video format
Supported Operating System
Windows me-2000-xp-2003-vista-Mac os 10.4-Linux
Image format
Interface type
Mini usb
Infrared vision
Internal memory
8-16-32 GB

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