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Watch spy camera HD infrared vision

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Each of us dreamed of having the same gadgets as these great spies to be able to have the feeling of controlling everything on the fingertips. Thanks to the Full HD 1080P camera watch this dream may very well come true. Yes, I did. This watch is far from the mundane watches we see in the display cases, since it is equipped with a mini spy camera with a r1080-pixel resolution. In addition, it also has a webcam function, which will allow you to communicate with your interlocutor, for this, you will only need to plug it into your computer as a webcam.

To go further, this camera watch also has a Infrared vision to make video recordings easier, as this option allows you to filming even in the dark. With this type of device, it is not surprising to have a recording speed of 30 frames per second. As for the photos, it will guarantee you images with a resolution of 4032-3024 pixels. But this device isn't just about photos and videos. Indeed, sound is also an important point when filming with a hidden camera, and with this watch you would have the assurance of having a squality. This is due to the microphone built into it. In addition, this watch with camera is also impressive because of its waterproofing. You could even use it for dives of more than thirty meters depth. So if you want to film the beauty of the seabed, this watch is for you.

If you opt for this spy camera watch model, you will have at your disposal a high-performance camera with a photosensitive chip with internal memory ranging from 8GB to 32GB, depending on your needs. If space doesn't work out for you, you can move your files to your computer using a USB cable, knowing it can fit all operating systems.

Data sheet
Video resolution
Frame per second
Yes / 3ATM3
Yes integrated
Photo resolution
Infrared vision
Webcam function
Internal memory
8-16-32 GB

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