Watch spy camera HD waterproof

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The qualities of a miniature camera rely in part on the video and photographic performances. However, these are not the only considerations. Criteria must be considered such as the autonomy of the device, its strength or its durability. the waterproof HD camera watch is a spying equipment with multiple applications. The device has a waterproof dial which houses a miniature camera. It is then possible to use the device outdoors, even in case of rain. This makes it an effective spying material. It should also be noted that this spy camera watch is a wireless model. It therefore uses a rechargeable battery as food. It is recharged using a USB cable. You can then opt for a computer connection or directly on the electrical grid of the house.

The HD camera watch is the equipment to use to film hidden camera. Its neat finish does not suggest any clues as to the presence of a mini camera. the jack USB cable and the goal of the video sensor are undetectable. As you can see, it is difficult to distinguish the control buttons of the spy camera watch from the windings of the clock part. As far as watchmaking is concerned, it must be pointed out that it is not fake and gives the time.

This watch with camera can film in Full HD for a resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel video. The videos show a fluid animation, obtained through the device's ability to capture 30 frames per second. On the other hand, it is possible to carry out audio recordings thanks to a built-in microphone. Note that the camera watch Hd waterproof can be used as a webcam, it also has a Vinfrared ision. This spying material offers a mode camera able to give very high-definition shots. There is also a need for 4032 x 3024 pixel photo resolution.

The waterproof HD camera watch has an internal memory. The volume of the latter is to be chosen. When purchasing this espionage material, one chooses between the 8GB model, 16GB model or 32GB version. The product is compatible with Windows or macOS computers. However, you have to count from the tenth version for a macOS operating system.

Data sheet
Video resolution
Frame per second
Yes / 3ATM
Yes integrated
Photo resolution
Infrared vision
Webcam function
Internal memory
8-16-32 GB

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