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Kingston micro SD 32 GB


Kingston Storage Card
32GB capacities
Optimal transfer speed
Superior and reliable quality
Adapter supplied

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The kingston micro camera card is used on equipment equipped with a USB interface. Its main role is to expand the storage capacity of your device. It is an essential accessory to carry out espionage missions. It allows you to make long-term recordings with complete peace of mind. Thanks to its high performance, your files are completely secure. This kingston card for mini camera is not a simple tool for storing your data. It also allows the files contained in the camera to be transferred to a tablet, smartphone or PC. Note that this accessory does not reduce the quality of information. Videos and photos completely retain their original resolution.

The kingston card for micro spy camera wifi is delivered with its adapter. Playback on the receiving device is thus carried out directly. This tool allows you to transfer data on the different types of universal media. You don't need to do any post-processing or specific software. Viewing your audio video and photos is no problem. Note that our kingston card for spy equipment is suitable for all styles of spy camera. It is suitable for mini spy gadgets such as caps, buttons and smiley badges. It can be used on spy camera fashion accessories such as ties and purses.

To meet your needs, our store offers a wide range of kingston cards for mini spy cameras . The available memories are 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 GB. The price of the accessory varies according to the capacity chosen: the higher it is, the more expensive it is. When ordering, you must define your real needs in terms of storage, file size, etc. For each mission, you must assess the number of videos to record. If you have the possibility of regularly transferring your files to your PC, you do not need to choose the largest capacity. On the other hand, if your profession takes you to make long trips, it is advisable to take a kingston card for high performance spy camera .