Photographic Trap - Ultra Fast - 20 Megapixel Video

This site surveillance and tracking camera can connect with a computer for data transfer. Device with night vision with an infrared flash with a range of 30 meters. Image resolution of 5MP in daytime and 20Mp in night mode, with burst mode. 1080P, 720P or VGA video resolution. IP65 certified hardware.


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4 in stock

A multi-purpose trail tracking camera
The waterproof trail tracking camera is known for its versatility in the field of surveillance. This device is originally used to make photo shots and video captures for hunting (photo safari, observation of fauna and flora,…), but it is also used as equipment for monitoring property, properties, and also professional premises so as not to lose sight of the comings and goings and possible intrusions. The waterproof trail tracking camera is a very small surveillance device with a dimension of 135mm x 90mm x 76mm. In addition, its shell with a camouflaged pattern allows it to be difficult to spot regardless of the type of environment where it will be installed. It is the ideal device, suitable for discreet surveillance.

Powerful and resistant trail tracking camera
The conditions to which the device is exposed for image and video needs sometimes require it to be efficient and resistant. The waterproof trail tracking camera has been adapted to deal with various situations that can sometimes be extreme. Its IP65 waterproof certification allows it to withstand rain, snow, and the scorching desert sun. It still operates normally even under extreme temperatures of -20° to 70°C.

The waterproof camera can also take photos and videos at night, even in the dim light. It is an exceptional quality that sets it apart from any other similar model. This action is achievable thanks to the 36 infrared LED lights that compose it. Its IR flash and motion detector automatically trigger with a speed of 0.5 seconds and a range of 65 feet. This makes it possible not to miss any of the events that are within the range of the camera’s sensors.
As for the quality of the images, it is respectable. The resolution is 20 mega pixels in daylight and 5 mega pixels at night. In addition, it leaves the possibility to make burst captures up to 9 images in JPEG format on a single detection. Its video resolution is 1080P/720P/VGA in AVI format.
Since photos and videos in most cases require a large volume of storage space, the waterproof trail tracking camera has been adapted to support an SD card up to 32GB. For data transfer, the device can connect with a computer via USB2.0.

The waterproof trail tracking camera comes with its user manual, as well as a tree bandage for its safety. It is also suitable to be fixed on the belt of its user or on a tripod.

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