Camera Hunting HD Night Vision

The HD night vision hunting camera is both an observation accessory and a surveillance tool. It blends into nature with its atypical color indeed tree trunk. Delivered with a remote control with a range of 15 meters, it is quite programmable remotely. It offers a shooting angle of 123 ° and an operating temperature of -20 to 60 °.

To become an extension of the hunter’s eye, this camera is equipped with a motion detector and a sensor that triggers in 0.3 seconds. The resolution of the photos obtained is 4000 x 3000p and that of the videos up to 1920 x 1080p. This data comes in standard formats: JPEG, AVI and H.264 compressed format.

The camera works with 4 AA batteries for a maximum battery life of 8 months. Its infrared system is supported by 48 invisible LEDs.


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5 in stock

If you are an adventurer at heart or passionate about nature and hunting, hunting cameras will quickly be your faithful ally. Today, these jewels are more and more in vogue, and among the most famous of them is the night HD hunting camera.

As the name suggests, this device specializes in HD night vision, which is undoubtedly a major asset in terms of night detector. The camera offers you a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. Easy to hide, it blends perfectly into the scenery of nature with its brown color that can perfectly fit the leaves and trunks of trees for example, and thanks to the strap of the device, you can install it without too much difficulty. Thanks to this option, you will also avoid prying eyes and animals.

The night HD hunting camera can be compared to a large mobile phone with a two-inch screen. This screen will allow you to have a preview of your target with an angle of view of 123 ° that can detect the slightest movement of animals. This marvel of technology allows you to have an illumination of 0.1 lux allowing you to capture your target in total darkness. The images captured by its body have a resolution of 2592 on 1994, 3264 on 2448, and finally, 4000 on 3000 all in JPEG format. The videos are in AVI with an H.264 compression format.

The camera will be delivered with a remote control that you can handle more than fifteen meters away. It has a long autonomy (eight months in standby) thanks to its battery which includes four AA batteries (not included). The camera also has a storage capacity that includes support for SD cards of up to 32 GB of optional memory.

This camera trap can capture more than thirty frames per second thanks to its trigger speed of 0.2 to 0.6 seconds. You could also use it as a surveillance camera in your home.

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