4G Hunting Camera Cloud System - Sim Card Included - GPS - 24MP

This hunting camera can connect with a mobile phone and/or computer. It supports 4G transmission network, and can geo-locate itself via GPS. It only works with the SIM card that is included in the package. Device with infrared LED and PIR sensor with a range of 20m. 24MP photo quality and 1080P video resolution.


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9 in stock

High-tech hunting camera
Hunting cameras or camera traps are getting better by the day. They arrive today with the most remarkable technologies that revolutionize the world of photos and videos. This model is a hunting camera rich in technology. Equipped with a 2G/3G/4G network transmission system, this device can connect remotely with an Android or iOS Smartphone. The cloud application is to be downloaded to ensure file transfers. The hunting camera is remotely controllable via the application, it is no longer necessary to move to the device to be able to record the images. However, this system is only available on the use of a special SIM card that is supplied with the hardware, and only works in the indicated countries and with the respective operators.
The GPS system is also one of the most outstanding functions on this device. Once activated and configured, it guarantees the traceability of the device. Its position can be geolocated from a Smartphone. This function prevents cases of theft and loss of the device.
When it comes to image quality, this hunting camera is among the most powerful. It makes shots of 8/12/or 20MP and color videos with a maximum resolution of 1080P. The 4G hunting camera has the multi-shot option that allows you to make burst images of 1 to 5 photos per trigger.
This revolutionary camera has, among other things, an IR motion sensor that automatically turns on video recording and photo capture at the slightest detection of a subject within a 20 m perimeter.
A built-in 2.31-inch TFT screen that is used to view the recorded images, but also to configure the device. No chance that the light of the screen disturbs the recording since it is closed in the shell of the hunting camera.

A waterproof and resistant hunting camera
It turns out that image recordings often take place in more or less difficult places and conditions. Therefore, it is mandatory to have an outstanding device that is able to adapt to situations such as cold and heat, or water and mud. For this purpose,  the 4G hunting camera is able to cope with these kinds of situations.
The waterproofing of the device makes it possible to record images in any type of place and any climatic condition. Its waterproof rating is IP66.
The 4G hunting camera is coldproof and intense heatproof. It still works just as well in extreme climates from -25°C to +60°C.

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