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This HD hunting camera is a great asset for hunters. Provided with a motion detector, he precisely discerns the presence of an animal in hunting areas. His 12MP sensor triggered in 0.8 seconds to photograph or film all scenes located in a angle of 120 °. In the evening, its infrared lit by 26 light lamps sets off to spot everything in front of the lens, up to a distance of 15 meters.

Highly developed, this device presents photos of an adjustable resolution up to 12MP and HD 1080p videos. The user can transmit the data directly to PC with the USB cable or with the micro SD card used as storage memory.

Easy to install outside, sound waterproof case measurement 135 x 90 x 55 mm. It supports a temperature margin of – 10 to + 70 ° C.


19 in stock

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Today, technology provides all hunting enthusiasts with effective means to practice their activity. With the hunting camera HD compact, the hunter can then observe his prey without having to follow movements of the latter.

The HD Compact hunting camera consists of a waterproof case 135 x 90 x 55 mm dimensions which weighs only 160 grams. The assembly, then very intuitive, will be easy to achieve. Also, if necessary, the device can be attached to a tree using its strap. In this case, you will have no trouble camouflaging it in the vegetation. This device is also insensitive to temperature variations and remains functional between -10 ° and 70 °.

Among other things, the images taken with the device are in high definition. This results from the 12 million pixels available to the hunting camera. Also, the video, resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, then averages an image frequency of 25 frames per second. This report produces very fluid videos. What is more, the hunting camera is able to record videos even with low light. Using its LED lamps, it has infrared vision over a distance of 15 meters. As for taking photos, we have an image resolution of 4032 x 3024 pixels. Thanks to this infrared camera, the field of vision is relatively wide, doubled by a viewing angle of 120 °.

Another functionality of the device is the motion detector, which automatically activates the photo taking. The range of this detector is the same as that of night vision. The photo is therefore quite efficient since it starts in 0.8 seconds.

Videos and photos will be saved to an SD micro card which can be up to 32 GB. It is also possible to transfer its data since the device has a mini-USB port and is supplied with a USB cable; all without any software.

In terms of autonomy, the compact HD hunting camera lasts up to 12 months on standby, and just over a month in use. In addition, the device operates from four ( 04 ) AA batteries.

Specifications :

Autonomy on standby 12 months
Dimensions in Millimeters 135x90x55 mm
Video resolution 1920×1080
Image per second 25ips
Interface type USB / CARTE SD / DC PORT
Pixel Numbers 12 million
Angle De Prise De Vue 120 °
Infrared vision 15m
Type of storage Supports SD cards up to 32GB ( optional )
Led 30 invisible
Trigger time 0.8 seconds
Detection distance 20 meters
Waterproof Yes
Drums 4 AA batteries ( not included )


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