MMS Camera - Waterproof - Night Vision - Programmable

This camera supports 2G network system. It can be connected with a smartphone or computer to send images and data transfers. High definition video and image recording of 1080P. Night vision support. Infrared sensor range 30 feet. IP65 certified waterproof device.


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14 in stock

This camera trap is a pearl of technology. It is a multi-purpose device that is foolproof. Initially designed for hunting activities, it also performs other everyday tasks. From observing animals in the wild to monitoring properties and premises, indoor and outdoor, day and night, the infrared vision hunting camera records high-definition 1080P videos and images, with a resolution of 5 or 12 megapixels that can be programmed according to your wishes. Infrared night vision is provided by LED lights that have a range of 20 meters with a viewing angle of 100 degrees. The motion detector allows the device to automatically engage and take pictures and videos as a subject passes through its field of vision.

The hunting camera is also known for its optimal waterproofness. The device is IP54 certified. A standard that gives its hull the properties to withstand splashes of water and rain,  but also to withstand extreme temperatures (from -30 ° C to 70 ° C), without affecting the functions of the device. An infrared vision hunting camera: a device rich in technology

The infrared vision hunting camera has high-end technology. It can be used anywhere in the world via the GSM/GPRS 2G network. This system makes it possible to remotely transfer videos and images to a mobile phone or by e-mail to a computer.

Similarly, this system allows you to send an alert by text message to your mobile phone or computer in case the battery power level is low. But the device is in no way energy intensive. It consumes barely 150mA in standard use, and 350mA when the IR LEDs are lit. The device works using 4 or 8 12V AA batteries.

Self-timer mode is also available on the device leaving the option to record long-range images and videos over a set time interval. However, when the timer is activated, the device is programmed to run only for that specific delay.

The hunting  camera is also equipped with a 2.0-inch color LCD screen that is integrated into the bottom cover. This allows you to review the images and videos, but also to configure the device.

A highly equipped infrared vision camera trap

The hunting camera is a highly equipped device. You will no longer need any other additional equipment to make it work. It is already equipped with an internal antenna that emits a strong signal, an AV IN TV cable that allows you to connect the camera directly to a monitor, a USB cable for transferring files that are in its external memory (SD card from 8 to 32GB), and a strap to secure it. A CD installation manual and warranty card are also included in the kit.

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