Secure payment

ONLINE CREDIT CARD PAYMENT INFORMATION More security thanks to the new 3D-SECURE system and SecureCode

Since 1 October 2008, security has been strengthened in terms of payment by credit card thanks to the 3D-SECURE system set up by the majority of major banks.
Now you need to enter an additional authentication code to make a credit card payment on our online store.
This authentication is done directly on the website of your own bank.
This is intended to greatly reduce the chances of fraudulent use of your credit card because even in case of theft of credit card, it could not be used without knowing the authentication code.

Without the 3D-SECURE device

It was possible to simply pay with the credit card number, validity date and three-digit pictogram on the back of your card.
This allowed the holder of your card (whoever it was) to use your card without your consent.

With the 3D-SECURE device and SecureCode

You have a special personal code dedicated to your purchases on the Internet.
The latter allows you to authenticate and ensure that it is the cardholder who makes the payment.
It is no longer possible to use your credit card without your consent.

Concretely, to pay for an order with 3D-SECURE

– You must enter as usual the credit card number, validity date and pictogram on the website of our banking partner Societe Generale.

– You will then be directly redirected to your bank in order to enter the authentication code.

– When this information is entered and validated by both banks (our bank and yours), you will be automatically redirected to our online store.

How to find my 3D-SECURE or SecureCode authentication code

Depending on your bank, this code has either been assigned to you directly or you will be asked to set it when you first pay by credit card on the Internet.
(varies depending on your bank’s policy and card type).
Some banks will ask you for your date of birth, others will ask you to create this code when you first use it…
You can contact your bank directly for more information about your authentication code.

What happens if authentication is not successful?

If after 3 attempts, authentication fails, your credit card will be deactivated.
It will no longer be possible to make a payment via the internet with your card.
However, you can continue to use your credit card normally to withdraw money or pay via a physical bank payment terminal.
You will need to contact your bank to reactivate your credit card for payments on the Internet.

For more information you can connect directly to the MasterCard website or to the Visa website or to that of your bank by clicking below on the corresponding logo