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4K Hunting Camera - Infrared - Wide Angle 120 °


This hunting camera connects with a computer via a USB cable. Does not have internal memory, but is expandable by micro SD card up to 32GB. Image quality at 20MP crystalclear, and 1080P in HD for video. Clear and detailed night vision. Supports external solar power. Waterproof material certified IP66.

An on-board technology hunting camera
The surveillance and image-capture equipment is now available in a different way and in a completely different concept. They are smaller and benefit more from technologies like this hunting camera model. This 4K hunting camera can connect to a computer via a USB cable for data transfers. The device has no memory per se, but it can be extended to 32GB using a micro SD card. A large storage space that is suitable for long hours of video recording and large image captures.
On the quality side of images, the hunting camera has everything to please. It has a resolution of 20MP in photo capture and 1080P in video recording. Its 3 extremely sensitive PIR sensors with a wide detection range of 120 degrees, and the 850nm IR technology and 32 low-light LEDs allow you to make videos and photos at night with clear and detailed vision.
In addition to making quality videos and photos, the 4G hunting camera is also a foolproof camera for all situations. Its IP66 certification guarantees its waterproofing and robustness to withstand rain, dust, and other extreme weather conditions.
This pearl of technology also has an LCD screen that is used to view recorded images and set up the device. It locks itself inside, well protected, when the device is set up.
Different modes are available on the camera: normal shooting, burst photo, and time-time capture.

An economic hunting camera
The 4K camera is what is called a quality photographic trap. In addition to being efficient, it is also an ultra economical device. Its energy consumption is very moderate. The device is powered by 8 AA batteries. When it is in standby, its autonomy can be up to 10 months. The 4K camera also works with an external power supply using 12V solar panel. This second option is ideal for long-term monitoring and observations as long-term conditions and environment the device is subject to allow them to do so.
The photographic trap comes with a USB cable for data transfer, its manual to facilitate its use, as well as a strap that maintains it.

20-megapixel images

Compared to 16MP hunting cameras, this hunting camera improves image quality up to 20MP, presenting you with super sharp, colorful and clear day and night images.

Video 1080P HD

Once detected, this hunting camera will capture high-quality HD 1080P video footage. And you'll be able to customize the detection interval and the length of the video to your needs.

Quality Night Vision

The 32 low-light infrared pieces play an important role in shooting at night. With this hunting camera, you can clearly see the nocturnal behavior of the animals without disturbing them.
Data sheet
Standby time
12 Months
Memory In Giga byte
Up to 32GO (optional)
Video resolution
Pixel Numbers
8 AA batteries (optional)
Norme IP66
Infrared vision
20 Metres
40 PC/S
Screen size
2.4 Inches LCD

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