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2G SMS / MMS / SMTP trail camera


This hunting camera is equipped with the 2G network communication system. It can be paired with an Android / iOS smartphone. Alert by SMS and send data by MMS / SMTP. Remote control device. 16MP image quality for stills and 1080P for video. Device under waterproofing certification.

Hunting cameras are now recognized in the high-tech world to be more efficient than ever. This 2G hunting camera is among the most sought-after models. Both design and functional, these are the kind of photographic traps that deserve to be considered with more attention. The 2Gse fighter camera stands out for its presence of its 2G network transmission system. This is available once a valid SIM card is inserted into the device. High-tech technology that transfers photos and videos recorded by the device to an Android/iOS smartphone or connected computer.

As far as the resolution of the images is concerned, the resolution of the 2G hunting camera remains acceptable. Its video quality is 1080P in HD, compared to 16MP for the photo. Of course, the 2Gpeut fighter camera can take quality shots, day or night.

The 2G hunting camera records in black and white in the absence of light when the night mode is activated. This is possible thanks to the infrared capture system. The device has 3 heat-sensitive IRPs with a 120-degree detection angle that allow automatic captures as soon as a subject enters a defined perimeter. The device's engagement speed is 0.3s. This ensures that no event escapes the camera's objective.
A hunting camera suitable for all conditions

Taking photo and video recordings often requires the use of devices that are practical, durable, and powerful. Of course, conditions are not always favourable. With an IP sealing certification, this hunting camera is the ideal camera for quality photo and video needs in places with adverse conditions. It can take quality photos and videos without presenting any constraints in a rainy, snowy climate, in the desert, or in a tropical forest. The device can withstand both the cold and the extreme heat.
This hunting camera model does not have internal memory to store saved files. Its memory is on the other hand expandable by Micro-SD card. The 2G hunting camera is ideal for making long-lasting videos or large photos such as: house surveillance, wildlife watching in the wild, monitoring large properties and farms, and hunting itself.

Data sheet
Standby time
6 months
Memory In Giga byte
Micro SD card up to 32GB (Not included)
Video resolution
Video format
Angle Of View
120 °
Motion detection
YES On 120 degrees
Motion detection
8 × AA batteries (not included)
Norme IP65
Image format
Photo resolution
Infrared vision
20 metres
GSM technology
GSM: 850/900/1800/1900
Black 940nm Invisible 42 pieces
Trigger time
0.3 seconds
Screen size
2.0 inches TFT
Image sensor
12-megapixel color CMOS

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