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Full HD MMS hunting camera 16MP lcd screen


This full HD infrared hunting camera is specially designed for daytime and nighttime use. It has a motion detector and a 16MP sensor. After a trigger time of 0.5 seconds, the device takes snapshots of all the activities it detects over a radius of 60 ° and over a distance of 20 meters.

By activating the GSM function, the infrared camera can send a signal to its user by SMS or email, and can transfer data by MMS. The integrated screen is very convenient for viewing the data but also for setting up the camera. Its expandable memory with micro SD card is essential for storing files: photos in JPEG format and videos in AVI format.

Its case is waterproof and has an IP56 protection rating. It supports a temperature variation ranging from - 30 ° to 70 ° C.

At present, advances in technology are being used in a variety of areas. Hunting uses technology such as cameras that allow for better land recognition and more efficient tracking.

Using a 16-million-pixel Full HD sensor, this hunting camera is used to take photos and videos with a 120-degree angle of view. Especially since the images taken are high definition images with a resolution of 1080p. Regarding videos, anxious to always have a fluid rendering, the camera averages a frequency of images of 30 frames per second. It is also possible to record the sound through the already built-in microphone.

As a Full HD camera, it goes without saying that it has many other features, such as night vision. This option works thanks to the 30 small invisible LED lamps, which have a range of 20 meters. Also, the device has a motion detector whose range is similar to that of night vision. This motion sensor automatically activates the infrared camera in case it detects an activity, a trigger within 0.5 seconds.

Among other things, this Full HD fighter camera has the specificity of being able to notify its user about the activities it detects via sending email, SMS or MMS. The camera obviously has a SIM card holder, compatible with all operators except Orange. The GSM frequencies that can be used in this case are 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz.

The data stored in the camera's micro SD card (extendable to 32GB) can be easily accessed because in conventional formats and can be transferred to a computer.

This Full HD MMS 16MP fighter camera runs from 8 AA batteries that give it up to 1 month of battery life. However, this device is very resistant when you consider its waterproofing and IP56 protection rating. We can also verify that he is not afraid of changes in the weather and is operational even between -30 and 70 degrees Celsius.

Data sheet
Standby time
5 months
Video resolution
Video format
Pixel Numbers
Angle Of View
60 degrees
6 AA batteries (not included)
Storage type
SD cards up to 32 GB
Yes integrated
Image format
Interface type
Usb - TV
Possible operating temperature
-30 to 70 degrees
Infrared vision
Control mode
GSM frequency
850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GSM technology
Tripping time
0.5 second
Screen size
2 "
Night vision distance
Detection distance

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