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Hunting camera protection box


This protective case is cut to fit your hunting camera. Made of metal, it has the advantage of being tough to handle the harshest conditions properly. Its metal surface treated by thermo-lacquering benefits from better protection against bad weather and temperature changes.

Solid, this protective case for hunting camera will be placed in nature. Its green color allows it to be camouflaged in the decor. To secure it firmly, its user will have to stabilize it on a tree trunk using a strap. Its weight of 600 grams and its reduced dimensions of 14 cm high by 9.5 cm wide and 9.5 cm thick allow it to be installed conveniently.

To prevent theft and attempted damage, this metal case can be closed with a padlock. A small lock for padlock is added to strengthen the security of the device.

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The hunting camera is a complex device, which requires good manufacturing quality to be used long enough without problems. The latter was designed to allow for good monitoring. In order to be able to use the camera in good conditions, however, it is possible to place it in a metal case to secure it. This material has the advantage of being a particularly resistant. The weather will thus have a reduced effect on the latter. he resists wind, rain, splashes, dust and various aggressions of nature. This case won't be able to rust, because they have received special care: thermo-snuqué metal.

On the other hand, the metal will be quite to also protect against possible theft and vandalism. Given the use that in fact, the case will be placed in the wild and without physical supervision. He will be at the mercy of any malice. It is also possible to close the case with a padlock for greater security of the equipment on it. This will be a necessary and additional security for your camera. This may deter even opportunistic thieves.

The colour chosen for this type of product is the green color army. This will be essential to ensure that video surveillance is as discreet as possible. This protection is specially designed for hunting cameras and can be used for adapted HD models. Also be aware that the box will be very light, not weighing only 600 grams, which is really an innovation in the field, given the solidity of the metal. This will be a very practical aspect for this product. It can be transported easily without too much effort. Moreover, its dimensions are more than respectable, with 14 cm in height, 9.5 cm in depth and 9.5 cm in width. It will fit in a bag if you have to walk to install it or even it can be carried under the arms given its very appreciable weight.


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