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Mini professional HD digital voice recorder


Portable and compact in size, this digital voice recorder is used as a professional dictaphone to record all sounds. MP3 player to listen to music. Offers a clean and original sound, without noise and distortion. 300 mAh battery to complete 500 hours of recording.

To make professional recordings with quality sound, opt for this digital HD voice recorder of black color. The quality of the sound files amounts to 192KBPS: which translates into a clean, real and protected sound from environmental nuisances. Its intelligent technology reduces noise and perceives sound more clearly.

This recorder is designed to become a multi-purpose device. Indeed, with its internal memory of 8/16/32 go (optional), it becomes both a voice recorder and an MP3 player. Its 3000mAh battery needs 12 hours of charging to perform a 500-hour continuous recording time.

Like all digital voice recorders, this prototype is triggered either by button or voice command. For button activation, press to the right to start, and to the left to stop. For voice control, it records when there is sound and automatically stops when the sound is no longer heard. This techniquesaves storage space and preserves battery power.

It is widely permissible to make a quick advance or a quick return to each check-in. The user can also determine thetime of registration according to his needs.

Data sheet
Standby time
365 Days
Dimensions in Millimeters
Memory In Giga byte
Supports 32GO micro sd cards
Streaming time
500 hours
Loading time
About 12 hours
Green lithium polymer battery, 3.7V
Battery capacity
Play Format

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