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The trail cameras have been specially designed to memorize the images, but also to observe nature, and this in the harshest of conditions. These cameras are high-performance devices that perfectly meet the many expectations that users expect from them. Hunting cameras have the ability to easily capture the life of animals in the wild, the movements in an area to be observed, and ensure any other functions you assign to them.

High-tech hunting cameras that meet your expectations!

Highly resistant, hunting cameras are real camera traps with unique capabilities that surpass any other kind of surveillance and video observation device. Many of the models on offer can withstand different adverse weather conditions, both rain and various bad weather, and even the most extreme temperatures. Most are IP65 or IP66 certified.

We have at your disposal various models of hunting camera, and their resolution varies from one model to another. From 720P to full HD, whichever you choose, you’ll be more than satisfied with the image qualities offered by these high-tech devices in this category. These different resolutions will allow you to make video recordings and photo captures with clear and sharp images. In addition, many of these hunting camera models have night vision allowing you to make recordings, even at night in the absence of light. This is possible thanks to LED lamps and infrared technology, which often have more than impressive ranges for devices of this size.

In addition, hunting cameras have been designed to be discreet devices. A large part of our products in this category have cases in camouflaged or military colors that blend easily with nature decorations, making them real camera traps. Ideal for animal sightings.

Also, manual handling of these camera models is not mandatory, they can be remotely controlled. Through apps, some can connect with a mobile phone with Android or IOs operating system. Indeed, many of these models benefit from 2G, 3G, or 4G technology, while others use the P2P protocol by WIFI. But also, more advanced than ever, the technologies of these hunting cameras promise unparalleled features. These jewels of technology can now be triggered automatically thanks to their motion sensors.

As for their autonomy, no need to worry! These are devices dedicated to making long hours of recording. Some run on 8 or 12 AAA batteries, and others can be powered by an external solar panel.

As for the memory used to store the data, hunting cameras are generally devoid of it, but are expandable by SD card or micro-SD card compared to the model. Some models can accommodate up to 128GB.