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The use of Trail Camera requires good equipment. To meet your needs, we have at your disposal a whole range of accessories for Trail Camera. Note that our cameras have a built-in battery of very good quality. To power them you will not have to use an AC outlet, because we have a solar charger.

It is a very practical device and is not likely to clutter you. In addition, they are as resistant as cameras, that is, they can face all the vagaries of time, whether it’s raining, super cold or too hot, these solar chargers will always remain operational. Regarding the protection of your screens we offer our metal cases that can be camouflaged very well. Strong waterproof and very light, it is the ideal accessory to keep your hunting cameras dry. For their color you could choose between armed green or beige because these two colors can very easily blend into the scenery of nature. And finally, we also had micro SD cards from 4GB to 128GB.

A wide range of protective accessories

All Trail Camera need to be protected in order to function normally. In this category, we offer you a wide range of devices designed to ensure the protection of your Trail Camera. Protective box or protective case, they are presented in the form of a box in which the device will be housed. These boxes benefit from a solid design that allows them to withstand temperature changes, bad weather and all outdoor conditions. To avoid theft attempts, each box closes  with a padlock.

You will also find an anti-theft cable that will prevent theft and vandalism of your Trail Camera. Its pin lock prevents malicious people from removing the cable using a hook.

A selection of storage SD cards

Do you own a Trail Camera or a camera trap ? Check out our selection of Kingston SD cards for storing your data. All JPEG format photos, AVI format videos and compressed data can be archived in these SD cards. They vary in capacity to adapt to the size of your files : 4 GB up to 128 GB.

For Trail Camera without a small port, the adapters that come with Kingston cards will come in handy. This way, it will be easier to insert the micro SD card inside the device.

Power accessories for Trail Camera

And finally, we present AA batteries and a solar charger for Trail Camera. These power sources ensure better power to your camera.

Battery life can be up to several months with AA batteries. For the solar charger, it can perfectly replace the batteries to allow the camera to run non-stop.