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We now offer you high-performance cameras that no one will be able to suspect, and camera smoke detectors are one of them. Since it is a smoke detector, the ideal is obviously to place it on the ceiling so as not to create unnecessary suspicions. Its built-in mini camera has a wide viewing angle that can monitor an entire room. The quality of the images and videos that this camera offers us is simply excellent, given that they are all in High Definition. In addition, thanks to its built-in microphone you could also have videos with a very good quality sound. To make it functional, the camera smoke detector comes with a remote control that can guide it remotely. You can also activate your motion detector to make it start automatically at the slightest of the movements it detects. And finally, thanks to its micro SD card slot you will be able to store your data safely.

The smoke detector is initially designed to prevent any risk of fire in homes. But currently, this device is turning into a surveillance tool integrating a mini spy camera. When installed on the ceiling, it offers a global overview of the entire room to be monitored. Its angle of view can reach 72° and makes it possible to meticulously observe everything that happens in this field of vision.

The spy camera smoke detector embeds an excellent sensor with which it takes shots up to 1200p and high definition videos up to 720P. You can also get a sharp and fluid animation with its frame of 30 frames per second. Some models are equipped with a motion detector that turns on automatically when a movement is detected.

In practice, this kind of device is very easy to use. It comes with a remote control through which you control it remotely. For the Wifi camera smoke detector, viewing and transferring images is performed over the Wi-Fi network.  For standard models, they benefit from an internal memory of 4GB to store data. A USB cable is also provided in order to transmit AVI or JGEG files to a computer. There are many operating systems compatible with the camera, namely Android, IOS as well as Windows. (Win7, Win200, XP and Vista 32).

An ingenious and revolutionary device

The idea of embedding a spy camera in a smoke detector is very ingenious. Thus, it is easier to keep an eye on all spaces without the need to put cameras everywhere. For the models offered here, they benefit from a very wide recording time, up to 100 minutes continuously.

Their high-capacity Lithium Polymer battery provides a battery life of up to 90 minutes. The charging time of the battery lasts about 4 hours, a long enough time but necessary to be able to enjoy a high autonomy.