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In order to meet all the demands of our customers, we have expanded our range of spy cameras. Thus, you had at your disposal many kinds of spy camera, each with different shapes and sizes. Miniature cameras inserted into various media to avoid being noticed.

Among these supports are, for example, spy camera clocks, or spy camera pens, and even spy camera handkerchief boxes. For more discretion, we also have dummy objects such as smoke detectors, USB sticks, or car keys. You will be able to perfectly use them for monitoring your office, your bedroom, or even your entire house, and the images that these gadgets provide you are all of very good quality. These spy cameras seduce as much for their shapes as for their performance.

Highly technical camera models for all moments of espionage

Inseparable with real everyday objects and often having a fairly discreet size, these spy cameras are ideal for all the moments when you have to make videos or photos quietly. It will not be difficult for you to use them in public or place them in a strategic location. All mini camera models respond correctly to each of your needs, whether in terms of image quality, performance, ergonomics, practicality, or autonomy.

These multiple spy cameras are able to capture quality images in HD or full HD. Some of them are equipped with a wide-angle lens. On the resolution side, the images provided vary from one model to another. Some can record in 128P, and others offer stunning qualities in 4K that can even compete with regular large camera models. But still, there are multiple spy cameras that have the ability to record videos with audio.

These camera models, some of which are completely out of the ordinary gadgets. You can see products with simple features, just like you can see others that seem totally out of a sci-fi movie with all the panoply that goes with it.

As for their connection types, some spy camera models have 4G technology that allows them to pair with an Android smartphone or iOs, and send the images in real time.

These devices are never to be complained about in terms of performance. Indeed, day or night, some models can allow you to make quality recordings without constraint, thanks to infrared vision.

Like many spy camera models, most do not have internal memory to record the captured images. On the other hand, they usually have memory expandable by SD card or micro SD, and their capacity varies from one device to another. Using standard JPG, AVI and WAV output formats, these multiple spy cameras can be supported with any type of operating system.