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Among all our Trail camera , we also have a complete range for GSM-MMS-SMS Trail camera. Just like a GSM phone, these devices have the ability to alert you on your computer or smartphone. To do this, simply insert a SIM card into the device, and it will send you photos or an SMS as a warning signal. All models in this range have a camera that can provide you with high-quality photos of up to 24 mega pixels, while videos have a resolution of 1080 pixels. Whether it is day or even night, the images you will have will always be of very good quality and perfectly exploitable. These cameras can also be used to monitor your office, home, or sales premises. Besides, you won’t have a hard time installing them, as they are easy to handle.

Indispensable tools for autonomous monitoring

The majority of hunters admit the effectiveness and practicality of MMS Trail camera. That’s why we put at your disposal various models of this type of Trail camera.

Here, it is the camera running on GSM that is featured. It requires the use of a SIM card to work in the best conditions. When the camera is connected to a 2G, 3G or 4G network, it will be able to send alerts by SMS or email to its user’s mobile phone. It is also able to transfer all images via MMS to the same mobile device.

The use of the MMS Trail camera allows for this purpose to make an autonomous surveillance. No help from another hunter is needed to have a global vision of hunting grounds and animal behaviors. Everything is played out between you and your own hunting camera. Moreover, to watch the recorded images, you have the choice to use the built-in screen on the camera, or transmit the images using a USB cable, or store data on the expandable memory via a micro SD card. Thus, all JPEG format photos and AVI format videos are accessible and usable at any time. To satisfy you, all the files transmitted display an exceptional quality: those of the photos can go up to 16 MP and the videos up to 1080P.

Waterproof and robust hunting cameras

The advantages of these MMS Trail camera are numerous: not only are they robust but they are also waterproof thanks to their specific case. In terms of robustness, these cameras are very resistant to the most extreme conditions they can encounter outdoors, such as falls or shocks caused by tree branches for example. Thanks to this box, some cameras are also IP65 certified and others IP54. These two protection indices attest to the tightness of the device against the intrusion of all solid bodies (dust or foliage for example), and liquid (rainwater or mutation of plants for example).