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To complete your spy panoply, we have at your disposal in this category different models of spy microphone that are equipped with built-in microphone. The sounds provided by these latest-generation gadgets are considered among the most faithful, and are quite audible. You can expect clear and crisp sounds.

Quality “spy microphones” for top secret recordings

Often small and very discreet, “spy microphones” come in many aspects and exist in several models. Some are hidden in cameras, while others are in the form of innocuous boxes that can not arouse the slightest suspicion in any case.

“Spy microphones” are ultra-efficient listening devices. Thanks to these tools, you will have ears everywhere, and even where you do not have to be there. In addition, “spy microphones” have the ability to record chats and conversations with satisfactory sound quality, even with the most difficult conditions. Most of these models presented in this category have a SIM card slot, and work using a telephone chip similar to that of a standard GSM. Thus, this allows you to call it as for a regular phone, except that instead, you activate the spy microphone. So just call these little gadgets to have the ears everywhere you want. Some models even have the ability to perform an automatic reminder when they are programmed and also have the GPS function.

Spy micro models are usually powered by rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery which has an average capacity of 550mAh. These devices are therefore able to do many hours of non-stop listening when their batteries are full. And when they are in standby mode, they can last up to more than 5 days. Normally, the models offered in this category have a USB port that allows you to plug in a cable for charging.

Spy mic models don’t have their own memory to store sounds, however, recordings must be made through your phone. Their ability to record therefore depends on the space you have on your phone, but also on the autonomy of the listening devices.

“Spy microphones” are also very resistant devices. They have been purposely designed to withstand all kinds of extreme conditions such as heat and cold, whether climatic or related to the different ways in which their users expose them. Some models are even waterproof.

If you want to take the role of James Bond or Johnny English at all costs, we offer these micro spy models, available in pen, USB cable, or tiny boxes. However, if you want to listen on a fairly wide perimeter, there are also long-distance microphones. Finally, if you want recording devices for everyday use, the most suitable would be to opt for dictaphones.