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Some events that happen in our lives often need to be recorded in pictures but out of sight. Want to offer you cameras for your video recordings and discreet photo captures? Discover our different models of spy camera lighters.

High-tech spy camera lighters that leave no random event

With spy camera lighters, you have at your disposal discreet and powerful cameras. You have two possibilities with these lighters, either you take the ultra simple models that do not really have the same functionality as a real one, or you take those that can produce real flames. But whether it’s one or the other, you’d still have a tech-rich camera. Each of these models is equipped with a miniature camera that can capture images in very high resolution, as well as hd or full HD color videos with a stereo sound of very good quality as well. Indeed, there are models that are also equipped with a built-in microphone that allows you to benefit from this function.

The start-up of camera lighters varies from one model to another. Some can work by pressing a button placed on the lighter case, while others can work with the lighter’s ignition pusher. And some even more amazing models with smart technology. They can even work through voice control. These models are equipped with a sound sensor that activates recording remotely, and automatically at the slightest noise detection once they have been set. Similarly, there are other models that have a motion sensor, and that activate themselves when they detect subjects. Lightweight, discreet, ergonomic and very easy to use, these cameras are within everyone’s reach and are ideal for all situations.

In terms of strength and strength, the models offered compete with any other type of this kind. They have been designed with shells that are resistant to various conditions of use, such as light shocks for example. However, be aware that not all camera lighter models have built-in memory that allows them to record data. On the other hand, each of these models have the expandable memory by micro SD card. Indeed, they each have a port that allows you to insert a large capacity Micro-SD card that even goes up to 32GB. However, you still get huge benefits with these ultra-practical cameras. The data transfer can be done on any computer with a Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X operating system since photos and videos are in classic output formats (JPG and AVI).

It should also be noted that camera lighters do not need to be continuously fed with any external source. They work independently, and are equipped with rechargeable lithium polymer batteries that have a long autonomy. You will also only need a cable to connect them to a computer or to charge them, they connect directly through their male USB socket. Spy camera lighters can be used as a USB stick.