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Nowadays, we can no longer live quietly with the insecurity that reigns everywhere. To remedy this, we offer you an effective tool that can help you in an emergency situation: GPS trackers. These tracing tools are still in eternal evolution. They can help you geolocate and trace in real time the place and location of something you don’t want to lose sight of. However, it can also be used on pets, children, cars, strollers, luggage, or your children’s backpacks.

State-of-the-art GPS trackers

Equipped with high technology, these GPS trackers can be paired with mobile phones that run on Android or iOs operating systems. This is possible since these devices can accommodate a SIM card, which allows them to benefit from the GSM option. An application then gives access to a platform that allows you to control and track in real time the information transmitted by each of these tracers.

In addition, these GPS trackers are very resistant. They can operate without worry in any disadvantageous conditions. They are waterproof materials that can withstand moisture. They also have extremely strong shells or housings that have been designed to adapt to the different shocks that this kind of device can receive during their different uses. And also, extreme temperatures cannot alter their proper functioning. These small tracking devices therefore have the advantage of being able to be installed anywhere. Most of these GPS trackers have a powerful magnet which allows you to place them away from prying eyes on your car or motorcycle. In addition, these tracing devices have in the majority of cases a tiny size that allows them to be easy to hide, but also an unsuspected appearance.

Some models presented are also capable of recording sounds and images. Indeed, there are models with a built-in camera or microphone. These other features allow you to optimize your tracking a little more, although most of these GPS trackers are already extremely accurate, having only a small margin of possible error of about 5 meters. You don’t have to plug them into a power supply, most of these small, high-performance devices are quite compact and autonomous. Indeed, each of these models presented in this catalog works differently. Some have rechargeable lithium polymer batteries that promise a long battery life of up to 15 days non-stop. While others are powered continuously by plugging into an OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) socket, a cigarette lighter or USB, which gives them unlimited autonomy.

And finally, in case of emergency, you will always have an alert signal relating the information on the position of the GPS, either by internet or by SMS. Be aware, however, that GPS trackers are definitely easy-to-use tracking devices and their uses do not require any special knowledge.