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Dictaphones are voice recording devices that can usually be used anywhere and anytime. Whether outdoors or indoors, to record an interview or a professional interview, to spy, or simply to memorize unique sounds, these dictaphones are very powerful and can be used practically.

Often very small, weighing barely more than a mobile phone, they do not occupy much space, and are ideal for recordings that need discretion. Moreover, their shells are often designed using resistant materials and the devices benefit from an anti-shock system to adapt properly to their conditions of use.

We have in our catalog, many models among the most well-known ranges and brands currently on the market, and the performance is not the same for each model. Some record in MP3 or mobile HD, while others in WAV, but the quality of the recordings remains exceptional regardless of the format. Some models are equipped with mini speakers, and can directly play audio files on the device, with loop playback function, without the need to make any data transfer, while others do not have this privilege.

If the recording conditions are not always advantageous to the point of offering sounds that are often saturated or provided with background noise, be aware that most of the dictaphones in this catalog benefit from a voice correction or noise reduction system, using AGC technology. Among other things, you will see exceptional models with intelligent technologies that have the ability to make automatic recordings by activating at the slightest noise detection.

Hence, manual handling is not a mandatory action. This function is often very useful for many situations, and allows you to make recordings of long durations by offering a greater autonomy to the device. To go even further, some models of dictaphones that we offer are excellent in terms of security,  files can effectively be secured by passwords so that no other user can access them. In addition, a major part of our dictaphones are equipped with LCD screens with LED or OLED display that are used to set the devices and also indicate their statuses.

For the rest, they are devoid of screens, but their performance and practicality are not affected. In terms of memory, dictaphones are large capacity devices with which it is possible to perform many hours of recording since most models are expandable up to more than 128GB per micro SD or SD card. The dictaphones we offer in are usually powered by lithium batteries with long autonomy, sufficiently capable of offering long hours of voice recording. As for the transfer of the recorded data, they are done by USB 2.0 on a computer, or by OTG relay type-C on an Android Smartphone. However, you can be sure that our dictaphone templates are all of high quality and more than functional.