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The datalogger also known as the keylogger is one of the inventions of this century that are among the most impressive objects with high-end technology. In fact, it is a high-performance spying device . This category brings together exceptional models that live up to all expectations.

Data loggers: practical and ultra-efficient monitoring devices

Like other types of surveillance equipment, the data logger is also an ultra-efficient device in its field of activity. The latter has the ability to monitor and record all actions performed on computer equipment. What makes these spy gadgets more interesting is their practicality and ease of use. Even a novice can master the use of a data logger without worry. This kind of device only requires a simple connection to the machines to be monitored, and it takes care of the rest. This is because once you plug one of these devices into the end of the keyboard cable, all the keystrokes and actions performed on your machine will be recorded as data. In a more simplified way, the principle is to connect the keyboard and the computer by making sure that the data logger is their intermediary.

In this category, you would find two datalogger templates. One is dedicated for computers with USB keyboards (recent models), and the other for those with PS/2 keyboards (especially older models). It should be noted that both only work on these specific models. Of minimal sizes and super discreet aspects, these keyloggers are the perfect spying devices if you want to monitor the actions performed by your children or employees on their computers. Dataloggers are suitable for both companies and individuals. They do not require any special conditions for their uses. The data logger models presented in this category are compatible with computers that run on the Windows operating system, and can also be used even on Linux. Moreover, each model is controlled by software to be able to run on both operating systems. The data recorded by dataloggers is usually presented in the form of texts, which can be used with WordPad, Word, or Notepad processing software. Access to all data recorded by these spying devices is regulated and password protected.

As for their memories that are used to store the data, they have it widely. For example, the USB computer datalogger has a memory of 256MB. This equates to about more than 120,000 pages of data. That of the PS/2 datalogger is less important (16MB) but is already enough to save a few thousand pages of data. It should be noted, however, that these data loggers do not need to be powered by external sources, nor do they have batteries that need to be recharged to operate them. They are directly operational once connected to a computer.