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Are you looking for a discreet camera to spy on or monitor a place?

Discover a range of SPY CAMERAS in USB flash drive format. Small, light and operational, this surveillance device is prized for its great discretion. Its very small dimensions and light weight give it a compact appearance that does not really attract attention. In terms of operation, USB camera flash drives are reputed to be very effective for recording HD videos and photos of very good quality. They are also equipped with several options that simplify their daily use. Examples include their microphone, expandable memory and very high autonomy

What are the key advantages of the USB spy camera?

The USB spy camera flash drive is a revolutionary little device that can be used in the home, commercial and professional environment. Its main role is to guarantee the safety of the place by carrying out meticulous and precise surveillance. Several options are then integrated into each key model so that it can properly accomplish its missions.

Among its specificities, there is the sensor up to 5MP offering a visual rendering of very high definition. This element plays the role of a camera to captivate photos up to 2048 x 1536p and videos up to 1280 x 960p. Some USB camera flash drives have a microphone that records sounds. The user can activate this microphone to obtain videos with sound or to make sound recordings only. For data aggregation, the USB flash drive offers expandable memory that requires a micro SD card up to 32 GB.

Transferring files to a computer, however, differs from one key to another. Some keys are equipped with an intuitive interface and others require a cable for file transmission. A USB port is provided to attach the key to the computer. Reading of files is simplified since the files are saved in common formats, i.e. JPEG and AVI. It is important to point out that all USB spy camera flash drives support both Windows and Mac OS operating systems. 

An unusual object extremely autonomous

Having a mini USB flash drive is one of the easiest ways to do spying. Indeed, thanks to this unusual and autonomous object, you have the chance to take photos, shoot videos and exploit all the recorded images. Some models have a rotating lens up to 120 ° offering a very wide angle of view to see the slightest actions accurately. It should be noted that each SPY USB key works with a lithium battery polymer of 200 mAh or 300 mAh. This energy source, once charged, offers a very high autonomy. The key will thus be able to achieve a continuous recording time of 90 minutes up to a maximum of 120 minutes. In terms of design, the key enjoys robust and durable manufacturing materials. The ideal operating temperature should be between 0° and 40°C.