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There are many spy gadgets that exist, but the most impressive and common are of course spy camera watches. You will certainly have seen one of these prestigious watches in spy movies such as the famous James Bond 007. In this category, you have the chance to get similar models, or almost.

Quality watches with unparalleled technologies

Camera watches have many advantages. In addition to telling the time like an ordinary watch, they also assign themselves other functions: taking photos and recording videos. Indeed, these small jewels of technology are equipped with mini cameras. This is what allows them to perform these particular and very unusual tasks for objects of this kind.

Camera watches are especially useful for video recording needs and photo captures that must be done discreetly. Whether you are an individual or a professional looking for an effective and discreet spying device, the watches in this category are specially dedicated to you.

As for the quality of the images provided by these little gadgets, you can expect videos and photos in HD or full HD, and the resolution also varies from model to model. Some models stream images at 1080 pixels while others at 720 pixels. In this category of article, as surprising as they are, there are some models with exceptional capabilities that even most ordinary large cameras can not perform. Like making night video recordings for example. Indeed, equipped with infrared vision, some models of watch spy camera can film at any time, even in total darkness and often with sound when they are also equipped with built-in microphone.

Their strengths? First, it is their ability to store as much data as possible. These jewels of technology are endowed with internal memories, ranging from 8 to 32GB. And if that’s not enough for you, know that camera watches can connect to a computer via a USB cable where you could move all the recorded data to leave room for your next videos and photos. All the articles you will see in this category are exploitable on windows system and Mac OS X. Then, like most of the most efficient watches, these models are also ” waterproof “. These are models  that remain functional even in bad weather. This gives a certain advantage in that you have to make spy videos and photos in rainy weather or at the pool.

In addition to being functional and efficient by assigning themselves the roles of espionage equipment, these watches are also design and aesthetic. You can wear them normally as regular watches even if you don’t often need to make discreet videos or photos. You will experience all the fun and class with spy camera watches.