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Our Wifi spy cameras are state-of-the-art spy gadgets. These devices are easy-to-use devices. Indeed, whether you are a professional or a novice or a simple person wanting to monitor what is happening in his house, these spy cameras are for you.

Can be connected to any type of device such as Android smartphones or IPhones, through tablets and computers. You will therefore be able to be alerted in real time at the slightest movement. You will also have the means to watch the photos and videos captured at any time. The qualities of the recorded images are also of very good quality since they are all in HD. Spy cameras are also very resistant, as they can remain functional even in extreme conditions. In addition, their Wifi connections have a range of up to about twenty meters. And finally, these spy gadgets also have a very large autonomy.

The advantages of the Wifi spy camera

The Wifi connection is a very profitable channel for our Wifi spy cameras. Thanks to this network, the camera user can monitor his home or office from his Smartphone.
The use of Wifi also allows you to control the camera remotely without having to disassemble it every time you want to change some parameters. In some cases, it is quite possible to use a specific application that will be connected to the Wifi camera. This will optimize the performance of the device and at the same time strengthen the security of the premises.

Among the notorious advantages of the Wifi camera, we should not omit its main features, namely the presence of a motion detector, microphone and high-quality sensor. The latter element supports taking high-definition photos and videos. It also has a viewing angle of up to 140° ensuring that a wide field of view can be scanned.

With the infrared system, the sensor continues to operate even in very low light. Invisible LED lamps are integrated on some Wifi cameras to ensure good lighting when the brightness is decreasing.
The recorded data is presented in standard formats in JPEG, BMP, AVI and H.264 for compressed formats.

A wide range of Wifi spy cameras

By consulting this section, you will be sure to find the Wifi spy camera you need. Moreover, to satisfy your needs, we have not hesitated to present this device in different models: mini-camera Wifi, bulb spy camera Wifi, Handkerchief box with spy camera Wifi, Alarm clock spy camera wifi, charger mini spy camera Wifi and Smoke detector fake spy camera wifi.

Very clever, all these gadgets are designed to continuously monitor a specific place: home, office, nursery, store, warehouse, factory, etc. Their operation over Wifi makes it possible to control them remotely and to view all the recorded files anywhere and at any time.