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Looking for a reliable and effective surveillance camera ? Find in this category our range of GSM 4G IP/WIFI cameras designed to film and secure private, public and professional spaces efficiently. These types of surveillance devices are true jewels of technology. They are equipped with the IP (Internet Protocol) system that gives their users the possibility to connect them via a WIFI network, or the GSM system using the 3G and/or 4G LTE communication network by equipping them with a SIM card.

Thus, you can distinguish them by the number of antennas they have: 1 antenna for the IP/WIFI version, and 2 antennas for the GSM 3G/4G version. These specificities make GSM 4G IP/WIFI cameras revolutionary equipment that makes it easy to control them on a mobile device (smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.) and thus optimize the monitoring of the home or business premises. Some models even have smart technology that can detect any movement, and alert instantly by SMS on your mobile phone if there is a subject.

Powerful GSM IP/WIFI cameras at your disposal

In this section, we will provide you with the most powerful outdoor cameras offering image quality up to 1080P. This resolution allows you to have a global overview of the areas to be secured while distinguishing the most minimal details, such as frequent comings and goings, the passage of a vehicle or the presence of a suspicious subject… In addition, these cameras are able to capture clear and sharp images, even at night in the absence of light. This is possible thanks to the ” night vision ” function, which is provided by the infrared system whose range can sometimes reach surprising distances. These cameras are therefore ideal for places that need to be monitored 24/7. Just place them in strategic places and you would not miss any of the events that will take place in these areas to be secured.

In addition, our 4G IP/WIFI GSM surveillance camera models benefit from a waterproof protective shell. Their IP66 certification allows them to optimally withstand bad weather and extreme factors. The exposure of the devices to rain or snow can not affect their proper functioning. Beyond their modern looks, the GSM 4G IP/WIFI camera models offered in this category are also very easy to install. And besides, generally, the fixing screws are in most cases already supplied with the material. The configuration of GSM IP/WIFI cameras also does not require any special knowledge.

In terms of battery life, these high-tech devices are intended to make long-form videos. They are therefore powered directly by 12V adapters. However, these GSM IP/WIFI cameras that we offer do not have built-in memories for data storage. On the other hand, they are equipped with slots for SD card or micro SD card. These revolutionary devices have expandable memories and can sometimes support up to 128GB.