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Thanks to the evolution of technology, espionage equipment has become more and more efficient and finds form in many ways. This category of article groups spy camera models under the appearance of glasses. Discreet and unsuspected, these spy camera glasses are easily invited into all kinds of places and adapt to all situations, even the most complex. They are also used as ordinary glasses. For example, you can bring one of the anti-sun models to effectively protect your eyes against UV rays, or bring one of these glasses for a correction or why not for the style.

Spy camera glasses: high-tech at your service to fill the eyes

The peculiarity of these high-tech glasses lies in the fact that they are equipped with a miniature camera that allows you to make video recordings and photo captures discreetly. They are outstanding spy products with high-performance lenses, most of which are capable of taking 30 frames per second. Lightweight, elegant, and above all very discreet, these spy camera glasses are highly recommended if you want to take very good quality images without anyone noticing you.

In terms of image, you can enjoy the best qualities since some models make HD while others even offer full HD. Thus, their resolutions vary from one model to another. You would find models with 1920 x 1080 pixels of video resolution, and also 1280 x 720 pixels. Some models are also capable of recording videos with audio sound, while others do not have this capability.

With some models of glasses offered, you can continuously make long video recordings that can sometimes reach up to 8 hours. This is possible thanks to their great autonomy. These spy camera glasses are equipped with mini rechargeable lithium batteries. As for their data storage memories, they do not necessarily have memory but are expandable by micro SD card with a maximum capacity of 32GB. This capability can offer you a satisfactory amount of data.

For data transfer, you only have to remove the micro SD card that is on the specific port of these camera glasses, and then exploit them on a computer. The use of the data recorded on the card does not require any special software. Generally speaking, video files are in AVI format and play with any drive, and photos are in JPG format.

They are supported by computers with a Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X operating system. The camera glasses offered  are also ultra-resistant materials. Most are resistant to strong temperature variations. They remain functional in an interval of 0 to 60 ° C. Thus, you can play impossible missions without the risk of missing your recordings due to a hardware failure.