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Whether you are amateurs or professionals, we have at your disposal a wide range of accessories for your spy camera. We all know that the performance of a spy gadget such as cameras depends largely on the accessories we use. Indeed, they are essential elements allowing you to improve the performance of your devices.

We offer various micro SD cards with their adapter for storing your files for example. The storage capacity varies between 4GB to 64GB. To move your images and videos to your PC, we have a range of universal USB cables. These will also be useful for charging your cameras. For much more specific devices such as clocks or camera watches, we suggest you use the special cables we offer to charge them and transfer your data. And for those who prefer to charge their products on an AC outlet, know that these cables are also compatible with our chargers.

Powerful accessories to optimize the use of your spy camera

All the accessories provided are designed to get the most out of your spy camera. Once the images are saved, you need to find a location to store them. This is where these Kingston Micro SD cards come in in different capacities: 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB up to 128 GB. Of superior quality, these cards make it possible to store data easily and quickly.

If your spy camera does not have a slot for the micro sd card, then it will be necessary to use a suitable adapter. Fortunately, Kingston cards come with quality SD adapters . Thus, it will be easy to insert the micro-SD card into a larger port, not suitable for the initial size.

A range of cables for spy cameras and watch cameras

You will also discover a selection of cables for spy cameras and watch cameras.

Functional, the universal USB cable is suitable for all types of spy cameras. It is useful for transferring data to a PC, but also for charging the camera. This cable features a male USB 2.0 connection and a mini-USB 2.0. Note that it  is also compatible with a USB 1.1 port.

For camera watch owners, this category of spy camera accessories presents you with a camera watch cable. This device has a USB 2.0 interface and a 2.5 mm jack. For added versatility, it can be plugged into a USB 1.1 port.

What are the functions of this cable ? In fact, it allows you to perform several tasks, starting with syncing and transferring videos or photos to a computer. This cable is also involved in charging the camera watch.

Its robust design makes it possible to take it anywhere. It resists all daily manipulations. Its length is also adjustable so you can stretch it properly.