PTZ IP WiFi 3G/4G/GSM HD 1080p outdoor surveillance camera


This surveillance camera is a small concentration of technology. It has infrared night vision,available in two Wi-Fi or 4G versions and a 5X optical zoomsupport. Presence of a dual smart and functional lighting modes day and night. Two-way audio communication in real time. IP66 waterproofing.

Choose The Version:
  • Wi-Fi version
  • 4G version

A camera connected to people's belongings and outdoor space

Originally designed for outdoor observation, this surveillance camera also becomes a photographic trap to monitor people's passage and to watch for every movement that occurs near the house.

The two versions on offer are all effective: the Wi-Fi version to connect with a wireless router and using a single antenna, and the 4G version requiring a Sim card and operating with two antennas.

Its motion detector is a very intelligent system. It sends a movement alert, with clear photos and full HD videos up to 1080P. For more practicality, recorded videos can be compressed into H.264.

Its 90-degree angle of view and its long range of 30 meters offer an even wider view of the vicinity of the house. The presence of the 5X Optical Zoom is even better because it allows you to observe the image with more precision and detail.

In the evening,   the surveillance camera continues its work by taking images through its infrared vision. It has two smart lighting modes: 4 white LEDs and 4 IR LEDs. What is amazing about this infrared system is that it offers colorful images in low light.

Not equipped with an internal memory, it will collect all the data in its expandable memory with the use of an SD card of 128GB max. It is also compatible with mobile devices under IOS and Android.

A surveillance camera with diverse strengths

Apart from the technical specificities mentioned above, this surveillance camera reveals other strengths as convincing as each other. These include remote control on a mobile phone with the ability to tilt or rotate the device up to 355 degrees,its 8-point recording,and its two-way audio communication. Indeed, thanks to its microphone with a range of 30 meters and its built-in speaker,the camera allows you to chat with other people at any time.

P2P technology is also convenient for remotely controlling the device and viewing all recorded data anytime, anywhere. Its installation outdoors is by no means difficult, thanks to its small dimensions of 170 x 120x 90 mm. Its 2.4-inch case benefits from IP66 protection standards to withstand rainwater, wind and dust. An ABS case has been added to give it maximum durability.

Data sheet
Dimensions in Millimeters
Memory In Giga byte
Up to 128GO
Minimum Illumination
Days: 1.5LUX | Night: 0LUX
Norme IP66
Compression format
Alarm setting
Send to FTP/Email/Push

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