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WIFI 3G/4G HD 5MP/1080P Outdoor Surveillance Camera


This surveillance camera uses the 3G/4G or WIFI network communication system. It can pair with a mobile phone and sends the images in real time. Night vision device. 1080P and 5MP image resolution. Supports up to 128GB of memory on micro SD card. Waterproof camera, IP66 certified.

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A high-tech surveillance camera

New technologies are offering increasingly surprising surveillance camera models every day. This outdoor surveillance camera model is among the best performing. It is available in two versions: the WIFI version using the 2.4Ghz transmission system that supports the Onvif system, and the 3G/4G version with SIM card that does not support the Onvif system. These two versions can each connect and transmit images in real time on a mobile phone with Android operating system only.

This IP surveillance camera is ideal for remote surveillance, even if it doesn't have built-in microphones or speakers, and does support two-way audio. It is a totally stealth monitoring device with a very small size of 65x75x45mm and that emits no noise, no red or flashing light that can attract attention, and can record in total darkness. Among other things, it is equipped with a very sensitive motion detector.

This WIFI/3G/4G surveillance camera is a pearl of technology that is both resistant to shocks thanks to its metal hull, and against rain and bad weather. It is IP66 certified.

As for its memory capacity, it's an IP camera worthy of the name. It is expandable by micro SD card up to 128GB. Enough to make long hours of video (576 hours of recording).
On the autonomy side, it is a camera that feeds directly by CC 12V adapter. The adapter will also be delivered with the product.
A batch of screws and its manual will also be delivered with the product.

A surveillance camera that makes quality videos

In terms of image resolution, this surveillance camera is among the best performing. It is available in versions: 1080P/5MP. Resolutions that are clearly satisfactory with clear and detailed images for everyday use. It is a camera that has a night shot, and is equipped with 18 pieces of IR-cut LED lights with a lighting capacity up to a distance of 20 meters that help to significantly improve vision in the presence of rain. This kind of light does not in any way alter the quality of the image provided by the camera even when taken at night.


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