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Gps trackers

Nowadays, we can no longer live quietly with the insecurity that reigns everywhere. To remedy this, we offer you in this category an effective tool that can help you in an emergency: GPS trackers. These tracking tools are always evolving. They can help you geolocate and trace in real time the location and location of something you don't want to lose sight of. However, it can also be used on pets, children, cars, strollers, luggage, or your children's backpacks.

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State-of-the-art GPS trackers

Equipped with high-tech, these GPS trackers can be paired with mobile phones that run under Android operating system or iOs. This is possible since these devices can accommodate a SIM card, allowing them to benefit from the GSMoption. An application then gives access to a platform that allows you to monitor and track in real time the information transmitted by each of these tracers.

Moreover, these GPS trackers are very resistant. They can operate without worry under any disadvantageous conditions. These are waterproof materials that can withstand moisture. They also have extremely strong hulls or cases that have been designed to adapt to the different shocks that this type of device can receive during their different uses. And also, extreme temperatures cannot alter their proper functioning. These small tracking devices therefore have the advantage of being able to install anywhere. Most of these GPS trackers have a powerful magnet that allows you to keep them away from prying eyes on your car or motorcycle. In addition, these tracking devices in most cases have a tiny size that allows them to be easy to conceal,but also an unsuspected appearance.

Some models in this category are also capable of recording sounds and images. Indeed, there are models with a built-in camera or microphone. These other features allow you to optimize your tracking a little more, although most of these GPS trackers are already extremely accurate,with only a small margin of error of about 5 meters. You don't have to plug them into a power supply, most of these small, high-performance devices are completely compact and self-contained. Indeed, each of these models presented in this catalog works differently. Some have rechargeable lithium polymer batteries that promise a long battery life of up to 15 days non-stop. While others are continuously powered by plugging into an OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) socket, a cigarette lighter or USB, giving them unlimited battery life.

And finally, in case of emergency, you will always have an alert signal reporting the gps position information, either via the internet or by SMS. Be aware, however, that GPS trackers are definitely easy-to-use tracking devices and their uses do not require any special knowledge.

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    Magnetic sms gps tracker

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    A useful and practical small device, this GPS tracker allows you to track the movement and location of a vehicle or person in real time. Precision is one of the great qualities of this tracker since the traceability is done very precisely thanks to itsGPS and GSM system. The use of a SIM card is necessary in this case so that the device can transmit to you via SMS or email all the data you will need: date, time, speed, latitude, longitude, etc.

    Easy to use, this GPS tracker fits all car bodies and various equipment with an iron or metal surface. Its 4 wide-sized magnets allow it to be secured securely, without the risk of it coming off in case of shocks or extreme movements.

    Compact, it measures 8.2 x 4.8 x 3 cm for a light weight of 97 grams

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    Magnetic long life gps tracker

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    This GPS tracker is a material that has everything of a great. It works with a GSM holder and a mini SIM card that gives it the ability to communicate the position of a person or vehicle on a phone or computer. The range distance is unlimited, which is very convenient for tracing the movement of the subject concerned even if it is located in a very distant location.

    Popular with both individuals and businesses alike, this device comes in the form of a small waterproof case with a total size of 95 x 47 x 30 mm. Its IP66 protection gives it all the resistance it needs to withstand cold and humidity. The ideal temperature margin is 20 to 55 degrees Celsius.

    A 3.7V battery is inserted inside the tracer and gives it a maximum battery life of 90 days. Its powerful magnet ensures better attachment to all metal surfaces.

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    Magnetic GPS Tracker

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    Professional or private, this magnetized GPS tracker is an effective solution for tracking the path of a car, a person or a specific equipment. It is non-cluttering with its 90-gram featherweight and compact measurements 77 mm long by 53 mm wide and 29 mm thick. Its magnetized face ensures a solid attachment on the metal supports. However, it can fit unsleaedly inside a bag.

    This GPS tracker requires the use of a SIM card that will be connected with its GSM device. These two elements will allow you to know the location of your target, and to receive signals by SMS at the slightest movement.

    Very responsive, the device fires in just 36 seconds. It uses 4 different frequencies: 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 Mhz. Its tracing accuracy is estimated at 5 meters. In all, it offers a maximum walking time of 12 days.

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    Accurate Magnetic GPS Tracker

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    This GPS tracker is a reliable geolocation technology, capable of locating traces of any moving device. It has many options that make it easy to track, namely a GSM support running on frequencies of 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 Mhz,a SIM card connected to the mobile phone to connect the tracker with a smartphone on IOS or Android, and then a free tracking platform to access the information with just a few clicks.

    One of the advantages of this GPS tracker is its speed in sending an SMS when the car moves. Its 5-metre location accuracy is appreciated for spinning and not losing sight of a target.

    Waterproof with its IP56 certification,this 160-gram case operates at a temperature range of 35 to 70 degrees Celsius. It has a 15-day battery life with its lithium polymer battery.

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    GPS tracker for animals

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    Find your pet at all times with this GPS pet tracker. Very effective, it tracks all the movements of the animal at an accuracy of 10 meters. Its 45 x 38 x 16 mm dimensions and weight of 40 grams make it a lightweight tool that will not disturb your pet. The tracer will be placed around his neck thanks to a strong collar. Its waterproof design supports splashes of water, bad weather and temperature differences between 30 and 70 degrees.

    No matter how far away your pet is, this GPS tracker can locate it using its GSM support and SIM card. A movement alert is sent when it moves. This mobility is the trigger that will activate the device in just 36 seconds. Map location is done on a tracking platform offered for purchase.

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    Magnetic Long Battery Life...

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    This GPS tracker intervenes in a personal as well as professional setting in order to know the position of a company or individual vehicle. Its geolocation receiver and GMS technology allow it to transmit information about its position via SMS or internet. A SIM card is useful under these conditions, so that the beacon can transmit accurate data on a phone or tablet on Android or IOS.

    Several elements have been added to ensure the efficiency of this tracer, including a free platform for map tracking, an internal antenna,a solar charger and a Lithium battery with a 25-day batterylife. It also has a wide magnet for a solid attachment on the metal supports. The possible operating temperature is 35 to 70 degrees Celsius. On the design side, this GPS tracker measures 130 x 59 x 28 mm for a total weight of 230 grams.

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    Obd2 Real Time GPS Tracker

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    This OBD2 GPS tracker is a high-performance tracer model that is used to track a vehicle. As the name suggests, this is the new format of the OBD socket on different devices to detect failures. OBD2 is in this case a geolocation device to plug into the OBD socket of your vehicle to track it.

    This connection on OBD is very convenient to offer the tracker unlimited autonomy. However, the user can use the battery and enjoy a walking time of 10 days.

    Note that this tracer is compatible with all mobile devices running on IOS or Android and incorporating a SIM card. Its GSM support will be able to deliver precise details about the vehicle to be followed.

    Its waterproof case gives it optimal longevity. It can withstand temperatures ranging from 30 to 70 degrees Celsius.

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    Micro spy gsm gps camera

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    This GPS and micro Spy GSM tracker is a versatile tool designed to locate, film and listen. It's more powerful than a conventional GPS tracker thanks to its many state-of-the-art features. Examples include its 2MP video sensor, microphone, SD card port and expandable memory up to 8GB. Its 5V battery provides a maximum of 10 days of battery life.

    A SIM card is required to operate the GPS beacon and the Spy microphone. This map will be of great use to know the location of the target and its possible movements.

    To activate the Spy microphone only, the SIM card must be inserted inside the device. The user will then make a call from his phone to listen to all the conversations perceived by the tracker. These sound recordings can then be stored in a Windows or MacOSphone or computer.

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    Mini gps tracker with...

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    This GPS mini-tracker with listening is distinguished from other tracers by its small size of 46 x 64 x 17 mm and its weight of 50 grams. Do not think, however, that it is less reliable than normal-sized tracers. This compactness is a major advantage in rendering it unnoticed when it comes to following in the footsteps of a person or vehicle discreetly.

    Contrary to its size, its robustness is at a very high level, especially with its waterproof case,supporting a temperature of 20 to 55 degreesCelsius.

    This equipment takes advantage of the GSM system using frequencies of 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 Mhz. Coupled with a SIM card,this system sends SMS alerts to signal the target's movements. All information about its location is also transmitted by the tracer. Even better, the user can listen to everything that happens with the built-in microphone.

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    GPS tracker and micro dummy...

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    Want to spot a vehicle and track it? This micro spy GPS tracker depicted as a cigarette lighter is the device for you. Its GPS geolocation system works on a GMS support and requires a SIM card from any mobile operator. Thus, the tracker is predisposed to transfer SMS signals to notify the user of the movement of the targeted vehicle.

    This tracer has a voice detector that spontaneously triggers when a noise is heard. By inserting a micro SD card,you can practically save these sound recordings to be listened to and/or reused later.

    Like all GPS tracking tools, this model also works with a 400 mAh Lithium-ion battery. A full charge has a battery life of 4 to 6 days if the device is continuously running, and a continuous walking time if it stays permanently connected to the cigar light.