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Camera detector

The camera detector allows you to check if you are being listened to or monitored via a camera. Indeed, this device has a high-performance lens and powerful LED diodes that can warn you of the presence of a camera in a perimeter of ten meters. Thus, thanks to this gadget you have the possibility to check a part or also a car if they are filled with surveillance camera,even the smallest of them, such as the "pinheads" for example. In addition, they have also been designed to reveal the presence of wireless microphone. Since camera detectors are very sensitive, they have the ability to immediately spot if wireless listening devices are installed in the room where you are. In addition, you can also modify its settings to your liking, and thanks to its weight and size, you will be able to have it, with you no matter where you go.

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Nothing escapes the camera detector

If the camera is used to film the intrusions, this time it is it that will be spotted by the detector. This small, useful and practical device is called: the camera detector. As explained above, it is mainly used for the identification of surveillance cameras and spying tools but also for the detection of an unwanted presence in a defined place. Featuring a hyper-sensitive antenna,this gadget can also spot hidden microphones somewhere in a room or space. It also locates all devices sending waves and all devices running on Wifi or Bluetooth network.

In principle, they are able to recognize these devices over a defined radius of about 5 to 10 meters. Their mode of indication is very varied but in general, it sends an alert by vibration, by sound or by lighting its led lamp. To ensure proper operation, its user must respect the indicated operating temperature: - 10 to +55 ° C.

A device that is lightweight, easy to use and transportable everywhere

The camera detector intervenes in multiple areas. Some individuals make use of this gadget to detect the presence of an intruder or spying tool in their home. In the professional field, this device is also very popular for locating unwanted surveillance or suspicious presence in a closed space.

To be able to carry out its work correctly, the camera detector is presented in a compact, lightweight and with reduced dimensions. The models presented on this page do not exceed 400 grams and their sizes are limited to 7.5 cm.

In addition, their wireless design makes their use much easier. This aspect is very advantageous in that it allows its owner to transport it everywhere: in every room of the house or inside a vehicle. The absence of the wire also makes it possible to store it in confined places. In the pocket of a bag or in a drawer for example.