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Spy Camera Pen

Discover the range of spy camera pens that allows you to take photos in High definition thanks to an undetectable camera integrated into it. Apart from photos, they can also make video recordings of very good quality. To make it work, you will only have to press a discreet button that has been incorporated into the pens. Hence its name, the camera pen hides a miniature camera with the ability to take quite usable images. The resolution of the images it provides varies depending on the model, but each of them can adapt to your needs. For the given storage, these gadgets have a micro SD card port, and with their rechargeable battery they can run for long hours. Just like normal pens, you could use them in your daily life without arousing suspicion.

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Spy camera pens: the best allies to monitor on the sly

Spy cameras are now available in several models. Among the most discreet, you have the spy camera pens which are both an ordinary pen and a spy camera. The latter has 2   very distinct elements: a transmitter that is the part hidden in the pen, and a receiver that performs the taking of videos or photos.

Although this configuration is quite specific, the camera pen has the same specificities as a conventional surveillance camera. It offers PHOTOS in HD and videos up to 1080p. It is equipped with a microphone that makes sound recordings,and a motion detector that automatically triggers it in case of presence.

Like all spy cameras, camera pens are devoid of internal memory. The use of a micro SD card seems essential to gather all the recorded data. The capacity of the card differs from one pen to another, but being very efficient, the models presented here accept up to 128 GB.

A USB cable comes with the spy pen upon purchase. This device will connect the camera to another device, a computer for example, and will allow the data to be transferred quickly. Camera pens are compatible with various operating systems like Windows, Linux, Vista and MacOS.

Spy camera pens: ultra-efficient small objects

The effectiveness of these camera pens is no longer to be proven. The fact that the camera is embedded in a pen is very effective to film discreetly and without risk of attracting the gaze of others.

Moreover, to film continuously, our camera pens are equipped with high-capacity lithium batteries that work with rechargeable batteries. A single charge of 40 minutes to 90 minutes provides all the energy the camera needs. Thus, it benefits from a great autonomy that allows it to turn without stopping, between 50 minutes up to 180 minutes depending on themodel.

Resembling all standard pens, the spy camera pen is a very compact tool that can be easily stored in a pocket, kit or drawer.