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Spy Camera Alarm Clock

At first glance, this camera alarm clock looks like a banal alarm clock, that is, it provides you with the exact time and can wake you up at a specific time. But what differentiates it is the mini camera that is integrated into it. Thanks to this camera, you will be able to make video recordings and capture images of very good quality. You can use it to monitor your room, office or even commercial premises.

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In addition, some models have a remote control feature thanks to a remote control that comes with it, while others have a Wifi connection which allows you to control them thanks to a smartphone or tablet, whether it is android or IOS, or from a PC. There are various models of alarm clock camera. We can mention for example wall clocks or digital watches. The resolution also varies from model to model, some have HD resolution, while others are under a resolution of 720 pixels, or 1080 pixels. And finally, their features are not also the same, there are spy camera alarm clocks with a motion detector function or also a wide-angle lens.

Spy cameras alarm clocks: to film discreetly without arousing the slightest suspicion 

The market for surveillance cameras is now booming. Among the latest novelties offered to buyers, you have the spy cameras presented in the form of alarm clocks. The camera is actually secretly hidden inside these alarm clocks.

That said, it offers the same capabilities as a regular surveillance camera, that is, it captures photos up to 5MP and shoots very high-quality videos up to 1080p. It also offers a shooting radius of up to 160°C on a vertical detection angle and on a horizontal frame.

The common point of these alarm clock cameras is that they do not have internal memory. So it is indicated to use an SD card to back up all the files. These devices also have motion detectors with which they automatically launch the recordings.

For Wifi alarm clock cameras in particular, these offer the possibility of viewing the scenes live,on a computer or a mobile phone.

A wide range of models to meet all needs

All spy camera alarm clocks have their own strengths. But from a design point of view, it can be said that they are beautiful decorative objects. Here you will find alarm clocks of rectangular, oval, rounded and cubed format. Even if their interface looks all the same, these devices become favorites with their specific style. Some have adjustment buttons while others have only one screen on which the time appears. Beyond their sleek design, the spy camera alarm clocks also stand out for their modern and very trendy shades. This selection then consists of alarm clocks all in black, very chic and timeless, or models in white and silver gray, which are elegant colors that can match all the interior decorations