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Whether at home or in the workplace, it's perfectly normal to want to feel safe. This is what drives many people and businesses to put security systems in place in their homes or establishments. However, in order to benefit from effective protection, it is necessary to obtain quality and above all efficient equipment. You'll find all the surveillance equipment you need on secret camera to ensure security

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ShopCameraStore, surveillance equipment supplier

ShopCameraStore is an online structure that sells electronic equipment to ensure the safety of goods and people. For more than three years, we have been providing high quality products to our customers. You will find on our website merchant a wide range of surveillance computer equipment tailored to all your needs safety and daily comfort. We offer you everything you need to protect you, your infrastructure and your family's, whether in your home or at work.

What do we propose?

You will find on our surveillance equipment store all the necessary devices and equipment for surveillance and espionage.

GPS trackers

Because we value your safety, we offer you one of the most effective tools to ensure this function: the GPS tracker. In addition to protecting your vehicle, you can also use it for your luggage and pets. On our website, you'll find GPS collars designed specifically for cats and dogs. We also offer GPS trackers for motorcycle and car equipped with a powerful magnet. These can be incorporated into your smartphone or tablet.

In addition, with this surveillance gadget, you will be able to ensure the safety of your child at all times. Simply place the device on your backpack or your favorite toy. You can receive information about the precise location of the object either by SMS or internet.

Hunting cameras

If you like to observe or film nature, we offer you a wide range of hunting cameras designed to capture the lives of animals under extreme conditions. These products have the advantage of being resistant and are available in several models that vary according to resolutions (HD, full HD, 720 p, 1080 p ...). They are equipped with a night vision to be able to film easily at night.

In this product category, you'll find GSM hunting cameras, standard models and hunting camera accessories.

Full CCTV kits

If you're looking for a reliable and comprehensive security solution, you'll most certainly be interested in our complete video surveillance kits. This is a set of surveillance cameras, CCTV, complete kit... Among the models we offer, you'll find kits with one camera and others with 2, 4 or 8 cameras. You can even buy a wifi monitoring kit if you like. All of these products will allow you to better adapt your installation to your various security needs.

Mini cameras

For optimal and more discreet monitoring, we offer you a wide range of mini cameras, ranging from small to miniature models. Battery life and camera quality vary from model to model. Some have night vision. Similarly, some are incorporated into objects and others are suitable for outdoor use. In addition, all of our mini-cameras incorporate Motion detection function to improve your protection.

Thus, you can find in this category, products such as: camera alarm clocks, camera pens, camera watches, camera keys, camera goggles, etc.

video surveillance

Do you need a high-performance security system? You will be won over by our products specially designed to give you all the comfort and tranquility necessary for your daily well-being.

In our video surveillance category, you will find: IP cameras, surveillance cameras, dummy cameras, PTZ motorized cameras, etc.

Enticing promotions and a full help centre

Camera secre surveillance and spying products are available at very attractive prices. We also offer our customers a multitude of interesting promotions:

  • Enjoy a 20-reduction % on a multitude of items such as: GPS trackers, hunting cameras and miniature cameras.
  • Our online monitoring equipment store offers a 10 reduction % on flash sales.
  • Get your CCTV kit with 4 cameras built in at 549 euros instead of the basic price which is 699 euros.

To accompany you in the choice of your equipment, A FAQ section is available to you. This way, you will have as much information as possible in choosing the monitoring equipment that is best suited to the protection and security of your home or business.

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